From Empty to Spacious

2 Oct


I never though of myself as a person who looked at life through gray-colored glasses, or saw a cup of coffee as half-empty. So, when the after-kids season hit me, I was surprised to find myself stuck in a downward spiral.

Sometimes we need help. We need another perspective to get us unstuck. The answer for me was to find a life coach. I am working with a wonderful lady as my coach. In our first conversation we talked about where I am in life and where I want to be. I told her that I was stuck and couldn’t move past the empty feelings.

What she said next was an epiphany—an ahaaaaa moment! She said that it was normal to feel the emptiness but she encouraged me to see it rather in the positive light of spaciousness—room to add on and enrich my life doing some of the things I never had time to do before.

Admittedly some of the childrearing years are a blur. I was busy and tired much of the time and didn’t stop to think about things I wanted to do.

Now is my time. My time with my husband. Time to explore some of those interests I shelved to do the necessary (and delightful) tasks of raising children.

During the past few months, I have found myself in some unexpected places once I began letting go of the way things were and began embracing whatever is next.

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