Just to Hear Your Voice

30 Sep

dreamstime_4604400Today I had the sweetest phone call from one of my grown kiddos. From across the country I heard, “Are you busy? I just wanted to hear your voice.”

To hear my child speak these words, thrilled my heart. My children are not really children—they are all adults and live on their own. I miss being needed by them; I know that is hard to believe for those of you in the midst of diapers and feedings in the middle of the night.

I had to wonder what those words would sound like to God. I stay busy all day long but I’m not sure if all that I do accomplishes much in the scheme of what is eternal. Just a lot of stuff.

What if I sat down in stillness, opened my Bible and just said, “God, I just want to hear your voice.” I know now how those words would thrill God’s heart.